Category: Manufacturer - Sensor

Category: Manufacturer – Sensor


KlauPPK is developed by geospatial professionals for geospatial professionals. Aerial surveying traditionally required many GCPs (ground control points) across the site to achieve reasonable absolute geo-positioning accuracy. With the KlauPPK system there is a simple, effective solution to save hours or days in the field and achieve even better results.
The Klau PPK direct georeferencing system, a synergy of hardware, software and methodology, is the most accurate precision surveying technology for mapping with drones and manned aircraft.
With Klau PPK direct georeferencing, you can cover larger areas in a single flight by reducing the side overlap down to 40%. You no longer need to place GCPs across your entire site (do have some check points though to prove just how accurate it is). Photogrammetry processing is faster and more accurate.

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At Terahertz we know that many companies and markets have niche sensor needs. For partners that wish to develop specific LED solutions for products, THzDC can work directly with you to develop the LED chip and/or package that is perfect for your application. Beyond joint development, THzDC also works with partners for specialty licensing and white label opportunities.

Contact us to learn more about joint development or to request information about evaluating THzDC QuiC SLED™ products.