Part 107 Training


Product Training & Support. Gain experience on hardware platforms, sensors and software.  Train can be hands on in person training or remote training for some training.

The UAS Lab has flight and operational experience with many types of aircraft and can help you develop and execute your specific mission requirements. We can help get you operational faster than by going through the learning curve on your own.


Establish your own Flight Operations Manual.  Establish Standard Operating Procedures for your own UAS Programs.  

Do you know what hardware and software you need to accomplish your tasks? 

We can help determine what is needed to get your program running smoothly.


Aerial Services

Aerial photos and videos – 2 hr Minimum

Part 107 Remote Pilot
Daylight Waiver Available – 14 CFR § 107.29

Rate starts at $125/hour

  • Flight team includes a pilot and visual observer(s)
  • Insurance
  • all regulatory filings
  • All state taxes and filings
  • UAS Platforms & Sensors
  • Data Quality Checks
  • Travel Costs

Business Development

Social Media, Marketing, Trade Shows, Sales, systems, Customer Relationship Management Software and much more.

  • Business Assessment & Strategy Development to help grow your UAS business.
  • Concept Development & Deployment Planning
  • Scaled Deployment & Integration

Contract based services.